Our interest at Modular EV Power relates to supplying electrical power to the vehicle, using J1772 parts.

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EVSE Control Boards
Active Vehicle Controls
J1772 Connectors, Cables and Parts SAE J1772:2010(tm) Vehicle Inlet Coupler
to NEMA 14-50 Adapter


AVC2    J1772 Active Vehicle Control in a box

Handles the PROX and PILOT signals to connect to J1772 charging stations

 Instructions and Troubleshooting

More About the Active Vehicle Control

AVC2-CE for Europe

CE logo NO Lead Pb

AVC2-CE CE decloration

IEC 62196-2 and the AVC2



EVSE4.2  J1772 EVSE Control Board
AVC2    J1772 Active Vehicle Controls


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If you want to build a special EVSE, Electric Vehicle Service Equipment, commonly called a charging station there are few  options today.

On the car side some basic control would also enhance the J1772 experience. 

EVSE4.2  J1772 EVSE Control Board

This is the fourth generation EVSE control board.  The version we think will be most popular has a LCD that displays what is happening in the connection and charging process.  It can have just LED's for status instead of the LCD. 


EVSE4.2  J1772 EVSE Control KIT




Test & Simulation Boxes for J1772

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Aluminum J1772 Vehicle Inlets

ITT UL  J1772 Vehicle Inlets


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In 2010 it was impossible to find J1772 parts.  We began making the original aluminum vehicle inlet for our adapters.  Then the ITT parts became available and have full 75 Amp UL listed ratings.

Aluminum J1772 Vehicle Inlets



Safe Circuit for using J1772 and NEMA 5-15 Plug for Charging


ITT UL  J1772 Vehicle Inlets



ITT UL Cable sets



Safe Circuit for using J1772 and NEMA 5-15 Plug for Charging



A1  Aluminum J1772 adapters, 40Amp
A2  All UL listed parts, 50 Amp

A3  Compact UL listed parts, 50 Amp



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Now that production electric vehicles are ready for sale and public charging stations are being installed with the new J1772 connectors, what can someone with a vehicle that presently has a NEMA 14-50 connector do?  This adapter fills the gap between the NEMA and the new J1772 technology.
Rated at 40 Amps. 


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SAE J1772:2010(tm) is a trademarked standard of the Society of Automotive Engineers.

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