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SAE J1772 Overview based on the OLD 2001 version of SAE J1772

I have been interested in public charging and the SAE J1772 standard which will define a standard connector and protocol.

I have been waiting for the new version for about a year with the SAE committee indicating it should be done in a month or two (this was written in 2009).  I was told the changes were minor and the new connector was the main issue.  I purchased the 2001 version of J1772 ,  SAE J1772 is a copyrighted standard published by SAE International.

I skipped over the DC Charging sections because they donít seem to relate to charging like I would expect for public or home charging.

Typical operation would be:

Level 1 is 115 Volt power from a standard 5P-15 plug 6 to 13 amps.

Level 2 is 208 to 240 volts, hardwired to the power source, 6-32 amps.  The PWM spec goes to 48 amps but nothing else does.

There are 3 extra pins in the old connector for serial communications and 2 high power DC charging pins that are no longer in the new one.

It appears that wireless communications, ZigBee, WiFi, or something like On Star will be used to transfer account information if charging is not free or V2G is applied.

  AVCON J1772 from 2001

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