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SAE J1772 Overview based on the NEW 2010 version of SAE J1772

I have been interested in public charging and the SAE J1772 standard which will define a standard connector and protocol for a long time.

The 2010 version of J1772  became available in the middle of 2010.  SAE J1772 is a copyrighted standard published by SAE International.

The big changes were the new connector; minor changes to the pilot signal and eliminating the DC Charging options.

Typical operation would be:

Level 1 is 115 Volt power from a standard 5P-15 plug 6 to 16 amps.

Level 2 is 208 to 240 volts, 6-80 amps.  The PWM specification now goes to 80 amps and there are places for special charging rates using external controls.  The PWM pilot signal is backwards compatible to the 2001 version.

There are five pins in the new connector.  One id ground and the other 2 large ones are the power contacts.  One of smaller pins is the pilot signal described above that tells how much current is available and causes the charging Electric Vehicle Service Equipment, EVSE, to provide power.  The other small pin is the proximity pin and is used by the vehicle side to determine if it is plugged in and if the latch is open or closed.

It appears that wireless communications, ZigBee, WiFi, or something like On Star will be used to transfer account information if charging is not free or V2G is applied.

Yazaki 30 Amp UL listed connector and cable set

REMA prototype Inlet Coupler                                                      Our Inlet Coupler based on the new SAE J1772:2010 standard


go to the J177:2001 old style connector page


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SAE J1772:2010(tm) is a trademarked standard of the Society of Automotive Engineers.