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J1772:2010 Vehicle Inlet Coupler Design One

The first thing to do was look at the parts and compare the  drawings to the standard to make sure what I was planning was 100% compliant with the SAE J1772 (TM ) specifications.  As I looked at the solid model of the part and the drawings of the parts I first separated the dimensions and details that were required to make the connector work.  Next the details  for mounting and not critical for operation were determined.  The sample part and the SAE J1772 (TM ) specifications were a/for a molded plastic part and my plan was to machine it out of solid material.  There are things you do to make a good molded or cast part that are difficult when machining and there are things that are easy to machine that are hard to mold or cast.  I made one variation to the part shown in the drawing that I believe will have no impact on operation in any way but makes the part easy to machine.  I optimized other details for the tools I have and changes as much as possible from metric to inches to be more shop friendly.

A chunk of aluminum to make the connector

The  vehicle inlet coupler was not available and someone said can you make one and it became a project. 

It gets bored out and turned to rough shape
Then more machine work to give it the final shape
Making the insulators
This is a pin and sleeve connector so precision pins are needed
The insulator goes in the body and the pins go in the insulator
The front view. 

The insulator has a chip out of it from  aggressive drilling.  Lots of little manufacturing issues have come up and been resolved while making try 1.

It mates with the J1772 connectors and the latch and proximity signal all function as expected.


As I look at the chunk of aluminum I started with and the shell I ended up with it was obvious over 70% of the aluminum ended up as scrap.  That metal must be purchased any you pay to machine it off the part witch leads to Design 2.  Design 2 is intended to reduce the amount of raw materials and machine time to make the shell.  As I have mentioned the designs in the J1772 standard are intended for injection molded parts but the mounting is not actually part of the standard. 



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