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This is a continuation of versions with the LCD display that was first built in February 2010.

The new version, EVSE4 has been refined and simplified making this a good entry level board.

The EVSE 4 biggest change was going from DC operation (EVSE 3) to 24 VAC operation.  this allowed for a transformer to be used instead of a power supply and a 24VAC contactor (more common) can be used.  Most of the circuit and the program are the same as were used in the EVSE3 so it is well proven.

EVSE4.2 Is the 3rd refinement of this 4th generation control board.  No jumpers, no fixes, just stable operation.  All the EVSE 4 boards are identical in function, connection and use.


The module produces the J1772 pilot signal and monitors it to determine what is needed in the charging cycle.

When the J1772 requirements are met, the control board has an output that actuates a power contactor that supplies electrical power to the J1772 connector and the vehicle.

The board operates on safe 24 volts AC.

Some people may want just a board and find there own parts but we would like to encourage people to get a complete kit from Modular EV Power.  With the kit we know all the parts are compatible and will work together to make a safe robust EVSE.

This kit can build a 32 amp, 240 volt (or 208VAC)  EVSE when used with a 40 Amp GFI breaker or a 24 amp EVSE when used with a 30 Amp GFI breaker.

The kit contactors everything except the J1772 cable assembly.
EVSE4.2 Control board
Panel and Brackets
Transformer with wires attached
Fuse and holder
Contactor is a industrial 40 Amp
J1772 cable strain relief
Screws, lugs and hardware

Everything in the kit is UL listed and is being used as intended so after you build it an inspector should approve it.
The kit includes a NEMA 4X Polycarbonate UL listed enclosure with a clear cover so the LCD and LED's can be observed.

Full instructions and wiring diagrams:
   Instructions and Overview 4.2
   Wiring Drawings 4.2
Every thing is in the kit.

You provide the4 cable assembly and a GFI power source
Assembly time is about 2 hours.

Everything is new and heavy duty with circuits designed to protect itself.

Since the board is very flexible and we have full control over the internal software we can easily make changes and modifications for specific applications.

Cost is $220 for the board and LCD 
Cost is $190 for the board only 
Cost is $440 for the complete kit
All of our products are guaranteed for a full year after purchase date and we will support them longer.

  75 Amp capable kits are coming soon.  The maximum current for UL listed J12772 parts today.  They will have internal GFI sensors and use a 100 Amp breaker.  This is a big contactor and will be a first class unit.

This can also be used for any current over 32Amps up to the cable limit of 75 Amps.

The contactor is a large industrial  100Amp unit that will last.

    Instructions and Overview 4.2
    Wiring Drawings 4.2

Old EVSE 3 documents



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