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UL Listed SAE J1772:2010 Vehicle Inlet Coupler to NEMA 14-50 receptacle adapter

This is the third design of the adapter with a UL listed J1772 coupler from ITT that is rated at 75 Amps. The UL listed connector give an assurance of testing, quality, and safety. 

The two connectors are inline and a new handle or security ring added on the side.  The ring allows the adapter to be carried on a hooked finger or two while keeping the hand free to carry other needed items.  It also allows for a security cable or chain so the adapter is still  with the car after unattended public charging

In July 2010 the J1772 connector was not available from any source in reasonable quantities.  The distributors had never heard of such a thing.  So we decided to makes some and made the Aluminum shell version that is NOT UL listed. 

This is the solution we have been waiting  for with the J1772 connectors with full UL listings.  It is the same size and has the same robust construction.

When it is in use the cables just plug in.

Remember to always plug the NEMA 14-50 in first and push STOP on the charging station before removing the J1772 commenter for maximum safety and long service life. 

The J1772 parts are safe and robust but not designed to be mated or separated with power on.

There are warnings on the back. 

As with any electrical device there are risks.  Please follow the instructions and only use a full J1772 charging station with ground fault protection.  Having the power coming from the approved J1772 charging station with ground fault protection should reduce risks.

This adapter is not intended for use in a wet area.  If it gets wet or ends up in a puddle STOP the charging at the J1772 charging station before touching the adapter.

This is a side view showing the low profile of the adapter.

Dimensions are :

  • 3.2 inch (80mm) Wide Box
  • 4.5 inch (113mm) Wide at handle
  • 1 X 2.7 inch (25 69mm) opening in handle
  • 7.7 inch ( 195mm) Long
  • 3.8 inch (96mm) high

The adapter weights 1.5 pounds, 0.7Kg

This adapter is compact and light.

We call the adapter a 50Amp device because of the NEMA connector.  There is one J1772 inlet design that covers all current levels to 80 Amps.  The SAE J1772 currents are actual charging amps which are 80% of the supply circuit breaker amps.  So a 50 Amp circuit beaker can charge at 40 Amps.

This ITT part is rated at 75 Amps and has special #6 wire for the power connections.  The #6 THHN wire is rated at 75 Amps @ 105 degrees centigrade. which is the maximum temperature  but the NEMA 14-50 receptacle is rated for 60 degrees centigrade and 50 amps maximum.   Most charging station old and new, charge rates do not exceed 32 Apps from a 40 amp breaker.



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