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J1772:2010 Vehicle Inlet Coupler

After years of waiting for the new version of J1772 to be issued by SAE there had been a lot of speculation and talk about what the connector would be like.  Everyone had an idea but no actual facts.  One of the members of the Gold Coast EAA managed to get a prototype cable with connector and the vehicle inlet coupler.  About that same time the J1772 standard was published and I got a copy. 

The 2010 version of the J1772 connector The 2010 version of the J1772 car inlet coupler


The parts looked much simpler and much more modern than the previous J1772 connector from 2001. 


The initial interest was to make some adapter boxes so people with older vehicles or converted vehicle that used NEMA 14-50 plugs could access power from new J1772 compatible charging stations.  Since this was the only set of parts around I wanted to make 3D SolidWorks models (3D drawings) of the parts so we could plan boxes for these adapters. 

The drawings got made and boxes got designed.  From the 3D drawings some designs were abandoned and others were fabricated.  The one set of parts were moved from design to design.

While this was happening the some of the parts got the critical UL listing needed for actual use in the USA.  Cables with connectors attached started to become available in the Spring but the vehicle inlet coupler was not available.  Someone said can you make one and it became a project. 



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