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What about securing and protecting J1772 adapters

Here in South Florida there is not much public charging yet and the few places people charge  are nice secure locations.

Recently I was contacted by a person who charges in a public area and his vehicle is unattended while charging.  The area has mischief makers, vandals and thieves.  The person presently uses a older Avcon claw to NEMA 14-50 adapter which is in a steel box and has a handle he can fasten to his vehicle with a cable and lock.  He asked what we were going to do.

As we started to look at this problem it does seem like an important feature for leaving a valuable adapter that just plugs in next to your car while you are away doing something else.

Side Ring now standard on all Units

We have decided to add a chrome plated steel handle or security ring to all units.  It is smaller and looks like it belongs. 

What should you do if you want this security ring for your older adapter? 

If you just want parts from modular EV power LLC to add to your existing adapter.  A chrome plated steel Side Ring will cost $8.00.  This includes, the screws, a ground wire and drilling template.  Parts are shipped prepaid Priority Mail in the USA, multiples can ship together and we can work out a price.


We would like to better understand how you are using these adapters and what is needed to make them work, be safe, and secure in your environment.

Do you have another problem? Do you have a better solution please let us know.


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